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Welcome to Free My BlackBerry!

Hello and welcome to FreeMyBlackBerry's website! Freemyblackberry is the world famous free Blackberry unlocking service that can unlock any GSM/HSPA/AWS BlackBerry cell phone locked to any network worldwide using the PRD or MEP ID. We unlock the BlackBerry Z/Q/Passport/Classic/Leap/Priv/DTEK models under our paid system. To see prices, please select your model and view the price in the carrier list.

IMPORTANT NOTICES!: These Blackberry devices use carrier or direct Blackberry database systems which are not free and do not use the legacy systems:

1. If you have a DTEK, PRIV, or Classic with 06 or 07 in the IMEI you are REQUIRED to use the Blackbery database service in the carrier list.

2. Sorry we no longer process these: A. AT&T AND TMOBILE USA - ALL 9xxx Models purchased new or repaired/refurbished on or after May 2013. B. ANY 97xx device or 9220 device with 05 or 06 in their IMEIs. C. ALL 93XX SERIES MODEL purchased NEW or Repaired after November 2013 (or August 2013 for Telus/Koodo Canada) with IMEI number xxxxxx.05.xxxxxx.x. No exceptions.

Please be sure that you follow our exact instructions as correct information is required to provide you a correct code. It is suggested that you check to see if your phone is already unlocked or blocked/hardlocked before going through the request process (It is required for paid requests).

Is my phone blocked or already unlocked?

Using the form below, please provide your email address, Blackberry's IMEI, Model number, and the MEP ID OR PRD number from your phone. Please use the to see important information! You will have to use the tracking link provided at the end of the submission process or use our Request Tracking page to view your request and code. No emails are sent for the free service.

Generate your unlock code

* indicates a required field.

Please type *#06# into your phone to get the 15 digit IMEI. Only the first 15 numbers are needed. Do not enter periods or spaces into the form.

Alternatively, you may go to Options > Status OR Options > Device > Device and Status Information to get your IMEI.

Your model number is a four or two digit number. Attain it by looking in:

  • Options > About
  • Options > Device > About Device Versions
  • Look at the phone's sticker behind your battery

  • Note: Models with ' i ' are iDEN only and cannot be unlocked. CDMA only models are also not unlockable. Contact us if you have an 8830 model.